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GAL Pondmast Herbicide
GAL Pondmast Herbicide

Model No: FEDCOM-BUR-T-92486

Manufacturer: PBI GORDON CORP

Manufacturer Part #: 7371073

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Qty/EA: 1

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GAL Pondmast Herbicide

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Gordon's, Gallon, Ready Pour Formula, Pondmaster Aquatic Algaecide, Liquid Chelated Copper Algaecide, Controls Aquatic Weeds Such As Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth, & Water Lettuce In Slow Moving Or Still Bodies Of Water, No Interruption Of Swimming, Fishing, Or Watering Livestock After Treatment, Use In Ornamental Ponds, Farm Ponds, Fresh Water Lakes, Fish Hatcheries, & Potable Water Reservoirs.

Product Technical Details:

UPC Code: 70251737734
Qty. Per Package: 1/EA
Product Weight: 9.25 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 7.07 X 11.52 X 4.44 inches
Package Dimensions: 14.44 X 11.75 X 9.25 inches
Package Weight: 44 lbs.
Hazardous Item: No
Country of Origin: US